Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's the best way to get rid of a cyst on your dog's back...???

my dog has a cyst on his back... the vet says that it will clear up in time... but it's so gross... is there anything i can do to get rid of it sooner...???

What's the best way to get rid of a cyst on your dog's back...???
Put Peroxide on it, several times a day, but after the third day, stop using it, and see if that helps.

I'm surprised the Vet didn't prescribe Antibiotics for your pet!
Reply:I did some reading on Cyst, evidently Antibiotics aren't given, since Cyst are not an infection, but a growth, so your Vet was correct, and surgically removing them, is the only way to keep them from coming back. Thanks and I hope your dog is feeling better. Report It

Reply:Peroxide only lengthens the time of should really only be used when there's and infection, which a cyst is not, and to clean a wound, which a cyst is good luck with prolonging your dogs cyst! Report It

Reply:Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide is used to bleach human hair, hence the phrases peroxide blonde and bottle blonde. It whitens skeletons that are to be put on display. Hyd. Per. is used medically for cleaning wounds, removing dead tissue, or as an oral debriding agent. Report It

Reply:take him to the vet, they will remove it
Reply:Hmmm, you sure its the dogs back? Well, I had one on my backside and got anti-biotics so maybe a course will help your dog.
Reply:My doggie had one once and we wound up taking him back to the vet and having it drained. You might seek out a second opinion.

Also, you do want to get it removed if it doesn't go away over a period of time because they DO hurt your dog whether your dog acts like they're hurting him or not. Any human that has ever had a cyst can testify as to how painful they are.
Reply:DON"T do it yourself.

my dog has them too and as annoying as they can be to touch/look at, i have to just let them she has gotten older she has developed a few more.....they're not going away. as long as they don't get worse or start to bleed or become infected theres really nothing you can do. technically you CAN get them removed, but why spend hundreds of dollars, when they aren't hurting your dog.

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