Thursday, May 7, 2009

What type doctor should I see to remove cyst/lump?

I have what I think is likely a cyst or build-up of some sort of scar tissue underneath the skin on my the underside of my forearm. It's been there since college (about 15 years) but has grown from about a 1/4" to around 3/4" in diameter. I can more or less pry it around under the skin though it stays in the same location. Anyway it's become a bit obvious over the years, esp. when working out (ie. curling), and I'd like to have it removed.

I'd just go ask my GP where to go but he's just gonna charge me to look at it, then send me to another doctor who is gonna charge me again, right? Is there ONE type doctor I can go see who will tell me what it is and remove it via surgery? How much does something like this cost? It normally doesn't cause me any pain but is a little uncomfortable when working out.

I am insured.



What type doctor should I see to remove cyst/lump?
I am quite sure your GP can remove it in the office with local anethesia...novacaine. No big deal, takes about 10 minutes, a few stitches if necessary, probably just butterfly it and leave it at that. Good luck
Reply:A general surgeon. Good luck.
Reply:Your family Dr. will refer you.
Reply:a dermatologist is what you want but i suspect they will require a referral from you one and see if they do.
Reply:Dermatologists are great for this stuff :) I'd see one of them :)
Reply:Most of the time your GP will have to refer you to another doctor (mostly because of how insurance companies deal)
Reply:You could check with a dermatologist, but if it requires surgery, he will likely refer you to a surgeon, so you might just as well go to your own doctor and let him refer you to a surgeon. You really don't want to mess around with it, as skin cancers (and that's only one possibility, it may well be benign) can be deadly. If you are insured, it won't cost you any extra to start with your own doctor, and for future reference, it's better that he know your complete history.

Here's hoping it's nothing more than a nuisance.
Reply:Call your insurance company and ask them to refer you based on your condition to a doctor that accepts your insurance. That way if you need to see your GP first you'll know for sure.

No matter what type of doc you see, you probably won't be able to get away with only 1 visit. They will probably need to see you first and then after they know what it is they'll schedule you appropriately.

Good luck!
Reply:a general surgeon would be the best to remove the cyst or lymphoma. Most insurance need a referal so you may still need to see your Primary MD.
Reply:A dermatologist should be able to remove it for you.
Reply:Dermatologist is a skin doc. You are prolly gonna need a Biopsy on it, lab fees and junk but that is so you don't have to see an Oncologist or witch doctor that does Cancerous Tumors.

Skin is the largest organ on a human body and a Dermatologist is a Skin Doctor.

No pain but it is bothersome, any doctor,witch lady,voodoo priest or anyone with a Diploma on a wall will take money. That is called Capitalism.
Reply:I just had one removed by a dermatologist, he was great, hardly have a scar

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